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Inspired by the pressures of the current cultural climate to constantly produce in order to be seen, and the search for honest motivations in a space of overstimulation and excess, "doings" seeks to present the inner dialogue of a mind in process as it reacts and responds to the world around it.

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Choreography: Megan Doheny & Ilya Nikurov

Performance: Megan Doheny

Original music: Dylan Tedaldi

Additional music editing: Megan Doheny

Duration: 9 min

“Doheny’s performance was captivating and mature; a strong study of the exhaustion that comes with the non-stop expectation to do more, create more, be more. The irony of the work was that it mocked itself. Standing in front of the audience was a well-trained dancer performing a well-rehearsed, well-choreographed piece in its completion… a final product, done and ready to be shared. Yet doings itself begged to differ. Doheny’s character in the work was that of a ragdoll; at bay to the concept at hand. Never done yet continually striving for that satisfaction.”
Written by Elizabeth Whelan for Oregon ArtsWatch

Photos: Jingzi Zhao

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