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PALACE is a glimpse into the world of an elegant nightmare. A surrealist - inspired take on partnership, the work uncovers the relationship of a couple, slowly pulling back the layers of the external facade, exposing a world that is filled with insecurity and doubt. Two emotional beings simultaneously intertwining and colliding, traveling deeper and deeper into the dark corners of their internal thought spaces. There, they encounter the places where difficult emotions are buried, where ghosts of the past inform reactions to the present, revealing a world they only want to run from. 

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Choreography and Performance: Megan Doheny & Ilya Nikurov

Music: Original music by Dylan Tedaldi, Gustav Mahler, The Books

Additional music editing: Megan Doheny

Duration: 16 min

Photos: Sang Hoon Ok/Sidance fest

            Udi Hitman

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